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SBC Showcase

Our professionals are what make SBC such a great place to work. In addition to developing technical and professional skills, we encourage staff to engage in community service and develop outside interests. Many of our staff are from various cultures and countries making for interesting stories. Learn more about members of our SBC family…

Stephen Mackall

Audit Manager

We like to say…it only took Stephen 7 years to make the decision to re-join SBC from the Big 4. He had interned with us while attending Towson University. And speaking of Towson University, Stephen founded their Chapter of the National Association for Black Accountants (NABA) and has been involved ever since. He takes over as President of NABA’s Baltimore Chapter in July 2019. Also, he has recently taken on a new hobby – body building – and won his first competition in May 2019 at CCBC in two classes – amateur and debut.

“Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile”