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Public Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities face increasing financial pressures, including increased health care costs, stagnant revenues, athletic challenges and enrollment issues. They also face the overwhelming challenge of adapting to a rapidly changing educational environment, while continuing to achieve their critical operational objectives. Issues that complicate matters for both public and private institutions include changing demographics, competitive online programs, increased tuition discounts, continuing endowment losses, new and complex regulations and compliance requirements in order to participate in government programs. It is the challenge of balancing responses to these and governance challenges and meeting the needs and expectations of students and faculty.

How We Serve Colleges & Universities

SBC serves public and private colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing financial and single audit, risk consulting and tax services, as well as, business consulting services to assist with finance function assessments and evaluations of internal control and business processes. We develop specialized solutions to the emerging issues our higher education clients face, such as financial projections and operations to board training, tax compliance, alternative investments and endowment valuation.

Our industry team works with over 18 colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic (including one of the nation’s largest public research university) and takes the approach of helping institutions overcome challenges and accomplish mission and goals. SBC is involved with various College and University Industry Organizations (NACUBOSACUBO and EACUBO) as leaders and members helping to establish standards and bring timely and valuable information to our clients so that they make informative accounting and business decisions.