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Our Firm

SBC brings industry-leading insight to you. From leading roles in the AICPA Audit Quality Centers’ Governing Council to serving on professional committees and in leadership roles in state societies, our engagement partners and senior managers have been directly involved in a wide variety of standards-setting organizations. They are a voice on the front lines of industry development and knowledge-sharing. The result: greater knowledge, customized engagement approaches, common-sense solutions, and rapid issue resolution.

Our commitment to the accounting profession is reflected in our ongoing investments in technology and training for our staff. Our Big Four-alumnus founders understand the importance of resources and have used their expertise to build infrastructure, education, and methodologies that rival our largest competitors. We encourage our people to be involved and serve as leaders in the industry.

Commitment to Clients

Our clients can count on SB & Company, LLC (SBC) for the perfect blend of Big Four expertise with the personal, responsive service of a smaller firm. We take a unique top-down approach, serving every client, from small start-ups to large government agencies and multi-national corporations. For our clients, that means direct involvement from experienced, senior personnel early in every engagement. Our partners and senior managers, most of whom are Big Four alumni, take the time to understand your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. We work with you to determine effective solutions. The result is more efficiency, quicker issue resolution, and less duplication of effort throughout the year.

Knowledge Sharing

SBC invests considerable time and resources in professional training and development. Our goal is to lead the industry with a strong, respected brand. To do that, SBC offers a range of ongoing internal and external training opportunities where professionals gain experience across a variety of industries and engagements, along with technical and soft skill development.

SBC’s training curriculum is designed for every level of the organization, allowing each person to grow and develop professionally. Training groups are established by peer levels, and training is targeted to ensure that the most relevant, pertinent information is delivered to the associates most in need. SBC’s training and knowledge-sharing methodology also ensures that each employee has a personalized, professional development plan to guide his/her development.

We believe training and professional development are of value to both our personnel and our clients, and ensure high quality deliverables while attracting and retaining our best talent.