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Middle Market

As former partners and managers of the Big 4 and larger firms, SBC’s leadership spent considerable time working with the middle market and understand their particular challenges.

How We Serve Middle Market Companies

Large, publicly traded companies in the US tend to attract the lion’s share of media, academic and public policy attention as you see something about Facebook, Amazon, Google, Boeing, GE or other Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis. As a result, U.S. middle market firms tend to fly under the radar. In reality, US middle market companies are vital contributors to our country’s GDP and jobs and need the support to thrive and grow. Yet, despite their collective economic might, individual middle market companies face daunting challenges, including difficulties in hiring and retaining talent, controlling costs, and fending off competition from larger entities. In addition, on a strategic level, middle market businesses often need help to determine how to maintain profitable growth while keeping pace with changing market conditions and customer demands.

Working between generations and focusing on the success of the business is often complex. Our professionals have the experience to work alongside management to assist middle market companies with audits, enterprise risk assessments, business process and controls improvement, preparation for initial public offerings, and tax planning and compliance.