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Membership Associations

In today’s changing economic conditions, membership, trade and professional organizations are continuously challenged to define and live out its value proposition. Critical to survival is ensuring it is ability to compete and partner with others to sustain member retention and manage to the budget. We understand the day-to-day challenges your organization faces which include recruiting and retaining top talent, generating alternative revenue streams, developing and managing budgets, managing the risks of technology and now complying with more complex tax rules. We understand your “business” and bring industry-specific knowledge and experience to help you analyze profitability and scenarios, identify value drivers and maintain compliance with ever changing regulatory requirements.

How We Serve Membership Associations

SBC works with over 100 nonprofit organizations providing a full complement of services – audit, compliance, tax and advisory services. Our objective is to help you implement best practices from other nonprofits and for-profits to promote retention and recruitment efforts, navigate confusing IRS regulations, manage grant funding requirements, establish for-profit subsidiaries, analyze business opportunities, successfully manage risk and maintain and improve board governance. We also possess a depth of knowledge regarding political action committee (PAC) regulations, understanding compliance requirements with the Federal Election Commission.