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M&A Strategies

When you are contemplating a merger or acquisition, you want to be prepared. SBC helps clients choose transactions and offer solid counsel for conducting the deal. We connect transaction strategy to your business strategy and improve your negotiation position, including helping you build a frame work for decision-making.

Our Services


We help you position the company to obtain the most value and to prepare the companies’ records for the due diligence process.

Buy-side advisory services

We work with your management to focus on accounting, tax, assets acquiring, assumption of liabilities, employee benefit obligations, and other risks associated with an acquisition target.

Sell-side advisory services

We advise sellers on complex issues that arise during the transaction process, including strategic alternatives to get greater value from the transaction.

Post-acquisition services

We assist companies with setting up tax structure, integration of benefits and benefit plans, merger of benefit plans, elimination of duplications, and accounting for the acquisition.

We also advise on the tax consequences of various terms and methods to structure deals to reduce the tax liability, tax exposure, and help you achieve desired results.

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