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Internal Audit

Our clients face an increasing array of complex risks that require highly trained, skilled, and focused internal audit resources to adequately identify and evaluate how well risks are being managed. Organizations are rarely able to staff for all of the new risks they are confronted by in today’s environment. In addition, many organizations need resources to fill short-term needs as situations arise that can’t be adequately addressed with onboard resources. Internal audit functions that do not use specialized outside resources may, in fact, be exposing their organization to even greater risks through sub-optimal internal audit capability and performance. SBC can provide specialized resources on an as-needed basis and, at the same time, leverage our involvement to help organizations continue to build and enhance the value of their internal audit departments.

Our Services

SBC can help provide the following benefits of cost control management:

• Improved business value from internal audit function
• Right resources for complex risks, at the right time
• Improved internal audits of complex, technical areas
• Higher field and management (internal audit customer) satisfaction
• Improved cost management of specialist resources
• No or lower turnover costs
• Generally, always a reduction in out-of-pocket travel costs
• Improved risk assessment, internal audit deliverables, technology tools
• Greater ability to address complex, key risk areas
• Global business fluency: language, culture, business regulation, etc.

Why Do You Need Our Services?

Common Indicators Can Include:

• Significant, complex industry regulatory requirements and issues
• Significant, complex information technology and treasury systems
• Far flung and decentralized operations globally
• Short-term, irregular needs for specialist skills or localized resources
• High turnover of specialist internal audit resources (IT, etc.)
• Significant travel costs incurred by internal audit
• Significant business events or issues requiring immediate attention