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Global 5000

We work with a number of large companies along the east coast and further west providing specialty assurance, tax and risk advisory compliance services. Since our partners have previously served Global 5000 clients within the Big 4 and we are certified by the PCAOB, we have the experience, expertise, capacity, and technical skills to serve global companies for selected services. Given our minority-owned status, we help companies meet their diversity supplier goals and receive high marks for quality deliverables.

How We Serve Global 5000 Companies

Global 5000 companies have the luxury and opportunity to use multiple providers based on needs, minority supplier goals and geographies. Our leadership’s former experience with the global accounting firms gives us the confidence that we have the capability to work with large organizations in key areas given our size and strengths. We have the quality control procedures, staff development programs, client service methodology, and technical expertise in place to manage large and multiple engagements. We have worked with organizations with up to $20 billion in revenue.

Specialty tax and compliance services are one of our core strengths:

  • Tax Compliance
    • Federal, state and local return preparation across all states including income, sales and use, property
    • Tax Audit
    • Tax co-sourcing
    • Provision Support
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Statutory and Compliance audits
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, assessment of procedures and controls, performance measurements
  • Internal audit services including IT security reviews
  • Minority vendor or regulatory compliance reviews