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Experienced Professionals

SBC welcomes talented professionals with public accounting experience and industry knowledge. Since our leadership were former partners and managers of larger firms, we take similar approaches to our quality standards and professional development. We are particularly interested if you have experience with a public accounting firm. Do you have an interest in getting involved in business development, training and helping to expand our practice?

Questions to Consider:

  • Do you feel like you are being pigeon-holed into a particular industry?
  • Do you feel that the partner on your engagement doesn’t know who you are?
  • Have you been in the same place for so long that you feel it’s time to experience anther successful public accounting firm?
  • Have you ever felt that your current team is talking the talk, but not walking the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion?
  • Do you feel like you haven’t seen a weekend in 2 years?
  • Is there a new structure in your current firm that isn’t exactly aligned with your goals or skills?
  • Is it taking too long for leadership to recognize your skills?
  • Are you ready to make an impact?


If you value work life balance coupled with challenge then talk to us. We also have an administrative team that makes up our infrastructure – Human Resources, Recruiting, Finance, Training, Business Development and Marketing – critical to supporting our folks in the field so teams are able to focus on client service and delivering on expectations. If you are seeking an opportunity to put your stamp on the growth of a regional public accounting firm, we invite you to reach out to our Director of Recruiting at



Experienced Professionals Testimonials

Information Systems, started in 2019

“I feel that the initial screening process was very engaging and addressed my specific questions.  I like that I received an agenda for the interview process, so I knew exactly how much time to expect.  They encouraged my questions and responded to them promptly.” 

Audit Manager, started in 2017

“After spending 7 years at the Big 4 in India and then the US, I was looking for the opportunity to work on smaller to mid-sized clients across the entire organization. At SBC, I have several large clients, but with our smaller nonprofits and commercial organizations, I have really gained a good understanding of the big picture and how the accounting impacts businesses. I find the partners really receptive, available and so knowledgeable about their industries and accounting. I really appreciate such a diverse workplace given my background and enjoy spending time with my colleagues at social events.”


Audit Manager, started in 2018

“I joined SBC after 8 years with a Big 4 because of the culture, inclusion/diversity and work life balance. My experience at SBC after working here for a year proves that what I heard was not lip service…it is real. SBC understands providing minorities opportunities and has supported my efforts in spearheading Baltimore’s rally for minority accounting students. Here people are more connected, and I see opportunity to effect change.”