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Emerging Growth

Start-ups and companies in the early stages of growth share unique challenges making it critical that effective financial and operational management processes and systems are in place. These challenges include financing, limited personnel, people development, management information, pricing, growth and strategic direction. During this stage of the life cycle, companies need a partner that will spend the time necessary to help anticipate your needs and lend advice, insights and attention to assist them to achieve their goals of growth and profitability. At SBC, we understand your need to stay ahead of the ever-changing financial landscape.

How We Serve Emerging Businesses

Emerging growth organizations require greater attention in the following areas as they build their infrastructure – attracting and retaining talent, cash flow management, accounting and HR controls, management information systems and growth plans. We partner with our clients to deliver efficiently on assurance work and ensure our partners focus on the business challenges. Refer to our Emerging Growth Entity Services page for a listing on Emerging Growth Services designed to support our clients’ business needs as they focus on the growth, innovation and financing.