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Charter Schools

America’s elementary and secondary schools are facing a myriad of challenges. School choice is definitely among the hot topics in education these days. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a vocal supporter of various forms of parental choice, including charter schools and school vouchers. Charter schools are funded through a combination of public and private money and operate independently of the public system.

The charters (i.e., contracts) with school districts, states, or private organizations outline the academic outcomes that the schools agree to achieve. Like mainstream public schools, charter schools cannot teach religion or charge tuition, and their students must complete standardized testing However, charter schools are not limited to taking students in a certain geographic area, and they have more autonomy to choose their teaching methods. They are also subject to less oversight and fewer regulations.

How We Serve Charter Schools

SBC provides audit, tax compliance (form 990) and operational support for charter schools in Maryland, Virginia, DC (on the approved vendor list) and Pennsylvania. Other specialty services include a review of schools’ compliance with their charter agreements, performing agreed upon procedures over contracts and related party transactions, a review of a schools’ financial processes and assistance with budget preparation