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Campus Recruiting

College students: no need to wait until senior year to get to know us! We want to meet you as early as your sophomore year in order to provide you with the information and insights you need to make your internship decisions. Our professionals would be happy to talk to you about how they got started and the types of experiences they enjoyed as they became full-time SBC staff.

Our Pledge to You

  • We will provide you with a positive experience
  • You will know the next step in the decision making process before leaving the interview
  • You will leave your interview wanting to work for our firm!

The Hiring Process

Our process starts with fall campus recruiting events through career fairs, “meet the firm” nights, and on-campus interviews.  Attending these events provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the different firms, career opportunities and firm cultures that best fit your lifestyle and career goals.

The first step in the process is relationship building: regardless of whether we have a specific campus event scheduled, we welcome you to connect with our Recruiting Manager, Tina Price, at any time. She is very interested in speaking with you about your interest and skill sets.  Your goal: to be invited to our office for an in-house interview session.

These interview sessions occur primarily during the fall campus recruitment season, September through November.  Our in-house process includes separate interviews with members of our leadership team, as well as a tour of our office.  You will enjoy meeting our professionals, gain valuable insights, and understand next steps before leaving our office.

Here are some preparation tips to help put your best foot forward and build confidence:

  • Ensure that your resume includes your major, your expected date of graduation, your leadership experiences, and your current GPA.
  • Be prepared to share your experiences with your interviewers.
  • Ask questions that will help you make an effective evaluation between the various firms and showcase your analytical skills at the same time.
  • Read about our firm in advance and if possible, connect with current SBC professionals who will share insights.
  • Connect with us on social media!

University of Baltimore Intern

“At first I was nervous and second guessing myself, but when I came in and I saw my welcome on the lobby monitor, I started to feel better about things.  When I started talking to people, they were very friendly and this was very comforting.  Receiving a response very quickly helped ease my anxiety!”


University of Maryland Eastern Shore Intern

“The 3-hour interview made me nervous.  I liked that they explained the process and that they really seemed interested in making the process run smoothly.  Once my interviews started, they didn’t make me feel like I was being interviewed; it felt like we were having a conversation…..and this boosted my confidence!”

What Do You Bring To the Table?

Whether you choose to work in audit, tax, risk or advisory services, we like to see the following attributes:

We welcome campus hires to meet with us and learn more about the advantages of working with SBC.

Contact our Recruiting Manager, Tina Price, to learn more about career paths at SBC.